Vorankündigung Band 3: „Towards Transformative Literature Pedagogy“ (Roman Bartosch) – erscheint Sommer 2021

By inquiring into the transformative potential of literary writing and reading as well as the notion of transformative learning itself, this book explores the cultural dimensions of environmental change and underlines the importance of teaching English literature in this context. It shows that despite the popularity of the transformative in policy documents, curricula and research on subject-specific pedagogies, we are still only at the beginning of understanding the potential of literature when it comes to transformative, inclusive and sustainable education. Presenting research findings and teaching methodologies that probe into the potential of global and transcultural learning, inclusive education, and interdisciplinary takes on transformative education from hermeneutic as well as empirical vantage points, it offers orientation and inspiration for educators equally interested in transformative change and the specific affordances of fiction.

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